Polkalokr: 3rd Community Update

Ramatis Aristóteles
2 min readApr 1, 2021


Recently, the team has shared its newest members, two marketing advisors: Charles Read and Danilo Carlucci. They work for important crypto ventures, responsible for assessing the top projects in their way up to success. It only strengthens our trust in Imran and Anis’s masterpiece: Polkalokr

We know that marketing is a very important feat in any business. It’s not enough to have a good product at a low price, you have to promote it. And in order to do that, we have professionals that are able to target the audience the best way, to expose what is being done by the currently overloaded team, and satisfy the community/investors.

We are still one week away of our long awaited IDO, and the social medias have been growing at an accelerated rate. The Telegram groups over 56 thousand members, Twitter over 23 thousand followers and the amount of interest only grows higher. And for you who thinks that is late to the party, we haven’t even begun.

We saw the performance of the latest IDO in Polkastarter today, Polkamon, and we can have an idea of how well $LOKR will perform as well. With its several applications, utterly detailed roadmap and a fundamental solution to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, it surely has a guaranteed space in the market.

Just to make your life easier, if you are a newcomer, here are some sale details:

  • Whitelist Closing Date: Friday 2nd April 2021
  • IDO Date: Wednesday 7th April 2021
  • Public Sale Token Allocation: 3,000,000 LKR
  • Public Sale Token Price: $0.05
  • Max Cap Per Person: $200
  • Total Raise: $150,000 (*The team decided to increase the overall amount by 50k to allow further community participation)
  • Initial Marketcap: $550,000
Any other doubt, get in touch with us and we’ll answer you ASAP