Are you tired of having to see useless ads and spending time when you do your regular activities? Not only you, but that’s a problem for both users and companies, wasting the huge potential the advertisement industry has.

Crowny offers the solution. It personalizes the adds you see, according to your preferences. You earn rewards for doing so as well! That’s a way of empowering the community and focusing on targeted ads, bringing effectiveness to the industry

Optimizing all possible features using blockchain technology, it will draw attention of lots of people who are willing to find a better way of controlling their digital life. Incentivizing the community to stake and take part of the platform as a whole!

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For every project to be successful there are certain criteria that have to be met: one of them is the community supporting it (and ours is one of the best!), and the other is the funds invested in it. It brings confidence to investors, as well as the team won’t lack any needed help, be it advisors, managers, tech consultants and so on.

So, let’s get to know who is behind us:

Strategic partners- Alphabit, Altvest, Moonwhale, LD Capital, Bluenode Capital and Nabais Capital.

Collaborators: Trustology, Ferrum, Certik, Launchpool, Blockpass and Lepton.

Prediction markets are not something new at all. People have been betting for centuries, about varied matters, whether it’s on the weather or the football team that will win the game. Online betting platforms have brought it to another level, by creating a center of worldwide adoption.

However, cryptocurrencies allowed…

I want to see how Kattana is going to perform in April, given that its one of the first projects to bring CEX into DEX, and it has a really innovative approach to the crypto market

Kattana Possibilities

Its going to be one of the top projects for sure!

Recently, the team has shared its newest members, two marketing advisors: Charles Read and Danilo Carlucci. They work for important crypto ventures, responsible for assessing the top projects in their way up to success. It only strengthens our trust in Imran and Anis’s masterpiece: Polkalokr

We know that marketing is…

As we move closer to April, which is historically a good month for crypto, we can see a change in mood for better. The recent news regarding PayPal major adoption of cryptocurrencies comes at the best time to confirm the importance of Polkalokr, and how its set to thrive in…

Ramatis Aristóteles

Crypto Defi NFT passionate. Fund investor since 2017

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